Hilary Kay

Curator & Presenter

The Art Appreciation Course is presented and curated by art and antiques consultant Hilary Kay. Hilary has brought together 12 passionate art specialists to present you with a course designed to provide you with a broad understanding of western art, its history and the world that surrounds it. The knowledge and enthusiasm of the authors will ensure that you find the course both fulfilling and enjoyable.

Hilary Kay is an art and antiques consultant, broadcaster, international lecturer and writer.

She is one of the most familiar faces on BBC TV's Antiques Roadshow having joined this successful and long running programme as an expert in 1979. Hilary has featured in countless other television and radio programmes and, in 2010, she won BBC TV's Celebrity Mastermind.

Her career in art and antiques began in 1977 when she joined Sotheby's, rising rapidly to head of department; the following year she became Sotheby's youngest ever auctioneer when she took her first sale at the age of 21.

During her career at Sotheby's Hilary developed auctions in innovative areas of collecting including the world's first auction of rock memorabilia in 1981. She created and established the first expert training programmes within the company and worked extensively with Sotheby's education division, now Sotheby's Institute. She travelled regularly to Europe, North America and Australia visiting and advising both collectors and institutions. When she left Sotheby's in 2000 she held the position of Senior Director leading a group of departments including motorcars, horology, wine, arms and armour, coins, musical instruments and philately.

With an insight into the aspirations and requirements of corporations, institutions and individuals in the sector she left Sotheby's and established Art and Antiques Events, a company, which today provides art and antiques-centred pursuits to the corporate market and to private clients (hilarykay.com).

To further popularise the world of art and antiques she devised and produced a theatre show, which toured the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and North America.


Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 94 reviews.

  • FG

  • 20-May-2022

Highly recommend art course

This is an excellent course and I have learnt so much. It would be good preliminary training for anyone thinking...

  • David

  • 22-Apr-2022

A Really Excellent Course

Having reached and completed Module 10, I am looking forward to completing the diploma course and continuing on with further...

  • Ms Bury

  • 03-Apr-2022

Am enjoyable and challenging course

The course is really comprehensive and expertly covers the complex story of the history of art. The assignments are marked...

  • EP

  • 01-Apr-2022

The Art Institute's online Art Appreciation Course

I have just completed module 10 of twelve, and have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. What has been a revelation...

  • Pat Howarth

  • 27-Mar-2022

Modules are interesting

Modules are interesting, informative and well constructed. Assignments are challenging to achieve a distillation of the wider reading that is...

  • snorth

  • 23-Mar-2022

For anyone interested in Art History I…

For anyone interested in Art History I can highly recommend this course, the modules are easy to follow with 3...

  • F MAC

  • 18-Mar-2022

An excellent course

I enrolled on the Art Appreciation Course in October 2021. Five modules in , this has been a very positive...

  • J Cullum

  • 11-Mar-2022

Very interesting and informative…

Very interesting and informative modules building a coherent chronology of the development of western art. As a newcomer to this...

  • David Smith

  • 11-Mar-2022

Very interesting and informative…

Very interesting and informative modules with great reading list. Highly responsive and insightful mentoring

  • Charles

  • 06-Mar-2022

A fantastically interesting course

A fantastically interesting course. I would highly recommend it for anybody with an interest in art,

  • Cathryn Smith

  • 22-Feb-2022

If you love Art …

This is a fantastic course if you are an art lover. Each module is presents time lines of Western Art,...

  • lily

  • 21-Feb-2022

Awesome course

The course is very well structured and the contents of the modules are very easy to read and understand. The...

  • David

  • 11-Feb-2022

An excellent course!

As I have had a lifetime involved in Art, including being a volunteer tour guide at the Guildhall Art Gallery...

  • Ms Bury

  • 09-Feb-2022

A comprehensive course

A comprehensive course, interesting and challenging modules. Great support and exceptionally quick response to queries and marking. I look forward...

  • Penka Kambourova

  • 03-Feb-2022

I really enjoyed the course and I find…

I really enjoyed the course and I find the information very useful and interesting Thank you Warmest Wishes Penka Kambourova